The Difference Between a Sportsbike and a Naked Bike

These days, many companies provide a naked motorcycle model to go alongside their flagship sports bikes. One example is the Kawasaki 7560, which has a match with the Ninja 650. But although these naked motorcycles have similar elements to their flashier counterparts, they also have some key differences.

How do the two differ in appearance?

Motorcycle designs usually have their own loyal fanbase. Some people may find the maximalist, art-filled counterparts to be suitable to their taste. Others feel like a minimalist machine is better, as it does not take away from the impressive parts that make up the vehicle.

But although it does not seem like it at first, sports bike’s appearances have a crucial role to play. Designs can impact the ventilation and protective coating of the bike, especially against debris and scratches. Those that use their bikes for racing may want to have a space allotted for their sponsors as well.

By contrast, a naked motorcycle is quite subdued in its sheen. It is reminiscent of vintage bikes that used to roam the streets in Japan during the 70s and 80s.

How do sports bikes and naked motorcycles differ in structure?

A sports bike has a structure that is much different from a naked motorcycle. The latter is built with bigger tanks, with handlebars on the sides. Sports bikes, by contrast, have foot controls on the rear side. These controls help prevent any scratches in the footpegs, which can occur when driving on pavement.

Naked bikes, on the other hand, have foot brakes in the center of the machine. They also have handlebars mounted on the upper portion of the bike. The differences in the handlebar and foot control placements provide a different feel for the rider.

Which is more comfortable and safe to ride?

Since naked motorcycles have a more upright position, riders can have a more precise view of the road while driving. This position is very comfortable, especially during long rides. The motorcycles have enough suspension to protect riders’ legs from harmful impacts on harsher roads.

Naked motorcycles also have a more ergonomic placement for the handlebars. Riders will not be uncomfortable while riding since the handlebars are placed strategically in the triple tree.

Sports bikes have a more natural feel to them. Riders tend to have a back position akin to slouching, although this can help reduce feet dragging during high speeds. However, a slouching place can take a toll on the rider’s spine. It can also affect the wrists, as the angle of the handlebars may be a bit awkward.

However, the structure of the sports bike is quite optimal for high speeds. After all, they are built to go as fast as possible on the racetracks. The priority is to take the rider to the maximum safe rates available, not give them a comfortable feel while driving. However, if you want to go for more everyday use, you may want to opt for a naked motorcycle instead.

Which one performs better?

The answer depends on how you will use the motorcycle. A sports bike is built to go as fast as possible. The bike was designed to perform with more torque in the powerband. Due to the racing nature of the machine, it was designed with professional racers in mind. Long-term driving was not the end goal for bikes like these.

Naked bikes may sometimes have similar internal components to sports bikes. However, the tuning of naked motorcycles usually peaks in the mid-range. The outcome is a much more subdued speed range but a safer and more optimal performance for long-term riders.

Which one costs more?

Sports bikes cost more due to their premium look and feel. Most companies also have a lot of sponsorship deals and partnerships that raise the prices of their high-end sports models. In addition, the faster speed requires a few peripherals that can be pricey to obtain. Manufacturers want to maximize their return on investment by pricing them more expensively.

On the other hand, naked bikes are marketed for people who will travel on the road daily. Thus, they lie in a much more affordable price range. If you are looking for a bike to use for long-term travels, then the naked bike is the more logical.

If you are looking to purchase either a sports bike or a naked motorcycle, decide based on your needs and capabilities. Make the most out of your investment by getting a bike that speaks to you as a rider.

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