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Ruan – Phoenix AZ 

So glad for Meloxtra for finally featuring my favorite bands regularly. Been learning so much about them that I’ve never read before. I dunno how the team of Meloxtra manages to pull it off on a regular basis but the confessions they include here are the bomb! The fact that I can get it in soft copy is a major plus. Don’t need to suffer the hardship of bringing several volumes of magazines with me during my travel just so I could be updated. This is a great site. Thumbs up! 

Lucia – Rio de Janeiro 

I requested the admin of Meloxtra several months ago to feature the favorite artist of my mother. I want to surprise her for her birthday. I just wanted to try but I have no hopes that my wish would be granted. Imagine my surprise when they managed to grant my wish! That’s not all, they even secured my mom a fan sign and she could never be happier. This site is the best. You’d learn a lot from this. To maximize your experience, it is recommended that you subscribe to their newsletter.