In hopes to serve you better, we have added this page to give you an idea on the answers to the most frequently asked questions by our guests. This would serve as your guide in navigating through our website. Make it a habit to visit this tab regularly as we also update it as often as we can.  

How can I get a copy of Meloxtra article releases? 

Simple. You could download the articles from this page. You’d be prompted to choose between several file types as you download the article you desire. You can read freely online but if you want to download this, you need to sign up for an account. 

Do we get to pay by signing up? 

No, you don’t. This is absolutely free and available in many countries world over. 

Is my information safe? 

Yes. We do not keep your information for any purpose at all. Besides, we also incorporate the safest and most high-quality anti-phishing software in the industry. This gives an additional layer of protection that ensures that your account is always safe. 

Do you require a credit card upon registration?  

No, we don’t. We only ask for your payment details whenever you’d feel the need to donate to our cause. Other than that, the services we offer here are free. 

How do we donate? 

You can give your donations by sending it to our PayPal account. BitCoin and major Credit Cards are also accepted. We discourage you from sending cash through the mail. Checks are accepted under the company’s name. 

Can I request for my favorite singer to be featured? 

Yes, you can. Email us your request and what questions you want us to ask and we will consider this. We’d send you a feedback if your email is the one chosen for the month.