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Laser hair removal treatment is an eternal topic and dilemma of many women. What is most debated is whether epilation is really as effective as it is said, how laser epilation works and in the end which of the types of laser epilation on offer to choose ?!

In the next few lines, we will do our best to inform you about all the necessary information, as well as to share some experiences about laser hair removal that may be useful to you.
Laser hair removal is a non-invasive method for permanent hair removal. During work, the light beam penetrates the skin and is absorbed into the melanoma or pigment hair follicles. The hair follicle itself is destroyed by the heat of the light beam. The main point of laser hair removal is to destroy the hair bulb, damage the root and prevent further hair growth.

Laser hair removal treatments are done when the hair is in the growth phase and it is the anagen phase when there is 70-90% of the total amount of hair, because only then can the light beam laser permanently destroy them.

How long does laser hair removal treatment repeat?

Therefore, treatments are done in a period of 3 – 12 weeks. Our team at Soze Beauty has shown very effectively that the first few epilation treatments are repeated for 3 weeks, and after that, the remaining laser treatments are done for 4 to 5 weeks. Each laser hair removal treatment is followed by a period of 1 – 3 weeks when the hair does not grow. After that, thinning hairs that were not in the growth phase at the time of work begin to grow. The number of laser hair removal treatments is individual, approximately 6-9 treatments are needed.

Most of you who are reading this are probably wondering what the skin looks like after the laser hair removal process is over ?! Considering the experience we have in working with laser, as well as from our personal experience, since all employees underwent laser hair removal, the effect of the laser is as follows. Laser hair removal does not remove all the hair, a percentage of hair remains, which will be very thin and thin, almost imperceptible.

It is important to do laser maintenance treatments only once or twice a year, in order to maintain the achieved result. The phenomenal thing is that laser hair removal solves the problem of ingrown hairs.

What our Zenja likes to say through a joke, laser hair removal is a woman’s best investment in herself, has definitely proven to be true through a year of work.

What is the percentage of efficiency of laser hair removal treatment?

It is important to keep in mind that laser hair removal can remove 80-90% of hair, and if you want to completely solve them, switch to the method of electrolysis. After one laser treatment, 20-30% of hair can be lost. Some clients have the effect of not growing hair at all for a couple of months. The behavior of the hairs themselves depends on the strength of their roots, as well as on the method of treatment before epilation.

Is the epilation treatment painful and do the burns remain after treatment?

Laser hair removal treatment is not painful, it does not leave any consequences in terms of burns, scars… After the laser treatment, the skin is slightly red and swollen. Modern lasers have a cooling effect, which significantly facilitates the subjective feeling on the skin. The best results of laser hair removal are achieved in people who have light skin and black, strong and dark hair.

What do you need to do to prepare before epilation treatment?

In order for hair removal to be effective, the hormonal status must be in order. For the success of epilation, it is important that the treatments are done within the agreed period. About 2 weeks before and after the treatment there is NO exposure to the sun, nor visits to the solarium. Between laser hair removal treatments, hair must not be bleached, plucked with tweezers or waxed. In order to prepare for the treatment, laser epilation is important to remove hair only superficially, ie 2-3 weeks before the treatment. depil cream or razor, and the night before treatment, BE SURE to remove hair with a razor.

How to treat laser hair removal – laser hair removal looks with us?

In Sože Beauty Beauty Salon Novi Sad, during the treatment of laser hair removal, a cold contact gel is used, which alleviates the feeling of warmth on the skin. Each client received goggles to protect themselves from the light laser that works. When the laser epilation treatment is completed, the client receives the necessary things to clean the skin, and the client could continue with his planned daily activities.

You can see the complete price list of laser hair removal by regions here.

Laser hair removal is now a well-known and quite popular method for permanent removal of unwanted hair from all surfaces on the body. With the advancement of the technology of the laser device itself, laser hair removal has become very successful, with almost all people who apply it.

It is important to emphasize that laser treatments for unwanted hair removal are completely safe and very successful.

Thanks to the advancement of the same technology, today we can completely safely treat all skin types, even the most sensitive ones.

Ultrasonic spatula – facial treatment

The first and fundamental conjecture of facial thought, rule number one, which ought to never, under any conditions, be excused, is any uncertainty – refining. To allow all of the enhancements you apply to your skin through serums, cover, blended beverages and creams to show up at the more significant layers of the epithelium, at first discard all toxins as dead skin, yet moreover minuscule organic entities, developments and various microorganisms that live outwardly of our face.

In case you are ready to acknowledge this norm and stay mindful of the events, we suggest that you contrast the commendable sterile facial treatment and ultrasonic cleaning applied with a specific spatula and appreciate the differentiation and whenever is the best chance for which treatment.

What is an ultrasonic spatula?

It’s anything but a high-level strategy for keeping facial skin clean with the help of an ultrasound device that can wipe out dead cells and any excess degradations from it, and open your pores so the skin even more viably and enough ingests all of the enhancements you apply in the wake of cleansing. In all honesty, a 2-in-1 treatment will at first cleanse your skin and a while later think about heightened food.

What is the potential gain of ultrasonic spatula treatment?

Regardless of anything else, recollect that the treatment is absolutely easy. In case you have sensitive skin and a low desolation limit, this is the most appropriate response for you to keep your face awesome and impeccable, and pleasant to extra day by day practice or proposed specific thought. In like manner, ultrasound treatment is an acceptable trade for the excellent one, with the way that it requires less time and in a general sense works overall framework.

Another in the movement of benefits is that when cleaning and eliminating pimples and sebum with the ultrasonic method, the skin remains just to some degree red, which absolutely evaporates following an hour. In case you are at this point not stunned, recall that after ultrasonic cleansing, your face will acclimatize a significantly greater proportion of enhancements than after a clear scouring or back rub.

Ladies of different ages cheerfully go through this treatment before some critical events, because just as keeping the face unblemished and hydrated, ultrasonic vibrations also perform miniature back rub, which prompts better bloodstream and oxygen drenching. Along these lines, the facial muscles loosen up, and regenerative and metabolic cycles are mixed. In this manner, your skin looks essentially a second younger, more revived and better.

What does an ultrasonic spatula treatment take after?

In any case, prepare for the treatment with an ultrasonic spatula, and thereafter, apply a humble layer of gel. The ultrasonic spatula, which comes into direct contact with your skin, is worked by a pre-arranged capable who overlooks it’s anything but a couple of times with light and fragile squeezing factor. The repeat of the ultrasonic spatula on which it’s anything but’s a small layer of ozone, so with unprecedented ultrasonic vibrations it pulls out comedones, sebum and any excess corruptions from your pores. At the same time, this mechanical get together measure cleans your skin and sets it up for extra taking care of.

Hence, there is no unwanted pounding of pimples, and rather than the model decontaminating treatment, in this way,  a slight layer of surface dead skin cells is taken out. Around the completion of the treatment, a palatable shroud is applied to the face to absolutely alleviate, support the skin, and wither the increased pores again.

Who is the ultrasonic spatula treatment recommended for?

The ultrasonic spatula treatment can be endeavoured by all of the people who have encouraged the need and need to have new and clean facial skin, to stay aware of its tidiness in the most palatable way. These can be folks or females, all things considered. It is especially proposed for individuals who don’t suffer torture in the best way, and for the people who, in light of the way that they have sensitive skin, experience genuine redness, wounds and scraped areas as transient results of the commendable clean facial treatment.

This is the best facial treatment for people who have relatively little time available and need to deal with the security and really thought of their face, and the people who plan to go through one of the jazzy frameworks, for instance, mesotherapy, substance stripping, Botox or hyaluronic filler imbuements.

What is the differentiation between a clean facial treatment (major) and an ultrasonic spatula?

Clean facial treatment is fundamentally applied to the sort I affectability of the client’s skin. It’s everything except possible to treat from a genuine perspective each skin by truly pounding obstructed pores, steaming…

Also, note that an ultrasonic spatula can never override a spotless facial treatment since they essentially don’t accomplish comparable work.

Though both are from the “family” of refining, as we said earlier, the ultrasonic spatula is more revolved around the shallow departure of toxins and little zits, similarly as bounty sebum from the surface layer of the skin, while clean treatment is centred around more significant layers of facial skin.

Concerning clean treatment, it fundamentally requires steaming, opening pores and pounding zits and pimples that are essential to kill all together not to get into a situation of combustible cycles, crude (fledgling treatment of squeezing) and the presence of potential scars that remain perpetually on the skin.

To summarize, sterile treatment isn’t identical to an ultrasonic spatula and can’t displace one, though both are anticipated cleansing the skin. Significant stopped up pores can’t be squashed out with a spatula.

It’s extraordinary to know!

The skin includes three chief layers – the hypodermis, dermis and epidermis. The condition of the surface layer of the epidermis, or as it is furthermore called the layer corneum, is by and large obligated for how our face looks. If that layer is slimmer, the skin will look splendid, smooth and new, while it’s anything but’s, a little dismissed and a dull appearance due to its thickening. That is the explanation standard facial cleansing is recommended.

Observe that there are certainly no limits concerning this treatment. It is completely ensured and doesn’t immediate any shocking outcomes or potential dangers. The master gathering of the Sože salon uses the latest age device, similarly to master Babor cosmetics, which together confirm unprecedented results.

Casino games are enjoyed by millions of people all over the world and have been for many years. Playing in a casino in MerkurXtip, for the first time, whether live or online, can be a little overwhelming because there are so many different ways to bet and so many games to choose from.

Ever since the first online casinos began offering their services over the internet, this form of gambling has grown even further in popularity, considering that so many people are interested. Live casinos are the most popular way of gambling because you don’t have to leave your house to do it. It’s perfectly fine laying on your couch and placing the bets online.

How To Gamble Online At a Casino

These are a few simple steps on how to learn to bet online:

  • Find a Top Online Casino.  You need to know which online casinos are reputable. In the world of dubious casino names and online thieves, the most important factor to consider is a website’s reputation. You can simply rely on reviews. All online casinos are reviewed several times per year to make sure they keep meeting high standards. 
  • Install Trustworthy Casino Software.  Almost every online casino gives you the option to play their games online in your browser or download their software. Downloading the actual software is still the way to go if you want the best graphics and overall playing experience. Most casino software only works on PCs, but Mac users can still play via instant play. 
  • Create An Account. When you’ve downloaded the casino software to your desktop, you’ll need to register for a casino account. The software will offer you to log in, but if you don’t have an account, you can click on a link to create one.
  • Make A Deposit. Being able to make a deposit is one of the most important features of all online casinos. In the banking section, you’ll see a list of payment methods you can use to make a deposit.  The most popular methods of depositing at online casinos are credit cards and debit cards. With this payment method, the processing time is instant, meaning that within a few minutes your account will be funded. Other very preferred payment methods by many players are Bank Transfer, e-Wallet, and prepaid cards. 
  • Explore A Casino. After you log in, you’ll see the casino home screen where you’ll find all the different types of games you can explore and play.

Benefits of Gambling Online

In most places, big land-based casinos can’t compete with what online casinos and gambling sites have to offer. First, how many casinos near you offer hundreds of slot and table games with low stakes that cater to casual gamblers? Second, online casinos can provide quick free sign-ups, choice of games you will not find in live casinos, so as super-quick banking.

  • A Better Range of Games

There is a big selection of games you can choose from and try many of them for free, and this is where gambling online really comes into its own. You just need to log in to your favorite casino website and play hundreds of slots games, poker, roulette, blackjacks, baccarat, and many more.

  • Security

All online casinos are under the strictest security standards. Online gambling sites use industry-standard 128-bit or 256-bit encryption to protect players. This scrambles any information sent over the internet and ensures your personal data is secure and kept away from third parties. Both of these turn whatever personal and financial data you send to the casino into strings of unbreakable code. It’s the same level of protection your bank uses.

  • Bonuses

One of the biggest advantages of online gambling with real money is the number of promotions at your disposal. All online casino sites offer welcome bonuses. These bonuses are usually used for new players who make their very first deposit at an online casino. This is a reward, offered as an incentive to play the games at any given gambling site. This enables players to test new casinos or games or try strategies, without risking their cash. 


It’s getting very hard to find someone who hasn’t tried online gambling. It is a very thrilling experience but it is important for everyone to know their limits because there is a big chance you might get carried away. Most online casino sites have policies that will help those who are struggling to play responsibly.