About Us 

Meloxtra is your friendly source of the most updated news in the music industry. It was created in 2005 and since then had been the most trusted informal news platform by music enthusiasts. The information could be gathered here vary from the most secret confessions of your favorite artists, up to their latest projects. Everything is released here first before it is twisted by the mainstream media. What more is that it gives you facts that immediately erase any misconceptions about the issues. 

In Meloxtra, all the staff is screened thoroughly. We only accept people who can uphold the virtues and standards set by the company. This is most especially the ethics. We are into respecting the privacy of every individual as much as possible, and we are into wholesome reporting. We do not tolerate here any actions that may be deemed offensive or insulting by the other party. As much as possible, we want to take the formal and right process of reporting and this is what should also be integrated into the minds of our staff.  

Meloxtra does not publish any hard copies of the news articles released on site. As what was previously mentioned, we are an informal site catering to the need for information of the masses. Although we have considered going formal in past, it made us rethink this decision. We believe that by staying as is would make us more accessible to the public. We also do not publish anything in paper was because we are advocating environmental conservation. Putting what could be read on smartphones and tablets would be just a waste of resources that we could save. Besides, online media has a broader reach and this is what we want to take advantage of.  

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