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Anyway, back to business. To those who are new guests, I want to welcome you to Meloxtra! If you are not aware of it yet, Meloxtra is a site that gives you the latest and up-to-date news about the music industry.
No, we are not affiliated with any formal news sites, and/or news reporters but we have the key to the juiciest gossips here. How? That’s for you to find out.  

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Music is the key

We have built this site, me and my friends, to give you the latest news on the music straight from the sources. We give it to you raw, and without putting a shade on the details that you must know. We never recycle news here. We never get it secondary. This is because you only deserve the best – hot and steaming.


From the new releases of your favorite music icons, concerts, and tours, you can get it here before it even lands to the mainstream media. This would put you forth on the priority list of blockbuster concerts. So you can reserve your tickets before they ran out of stock.  

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Meloxtra recognizes the imperfect information available out in the market. There are just so many details that are not being said unless you do belong in the inner circle of the music scene. Because of this, other fans are not given equal chance to get up close and personal with their celebrity idols. That is what we aim to eradicate here. We want everyone to have access to information that would give them the same edge, if not more. 

How do we do this?

Simple. We hire the best people in the job. Although we do our best to gather as much information as possible, we do it under ethical standards of reporting. We do not act as paparazzi who sneak behind closed garage door in Tulsa. Instead, we rely on research and our ability to deduce intelligent conclusions from all the facts presented to us. This is for those cases where the truth is being held from us. On a regular basis, however, we simply go through the right and formal channels to secure information from the artists themselves or their inner circle.  

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Meloxtra brings you also information on fans gathering and music artists fans convention. We organize and host these events in order for those people who have the same interests in artists and music could mingle and interact with one another. We do this twice a year. If you are interested, you could subscribe to our RSS Feed so you won’t miss it or any relevant information on the matter. 


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